Pioneer Archers Inc.

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Who we are

In August 2012 a new Archery Club took to the field in the south-eastern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The Club caters for recurve, compound and longbow archers who want to enjoy the sport in an environment that addresses the needs of the recreational archer through to the aspiring champion. We are affiliated to Archery Western Australia and Archery Australia


We are a group of people who take our sport seriously and want to ensure that we stay in control of the regulatory processes. By that we mean that we all understand the need for rules and procedures in a sport that uses a "controlled weapon". We have a strong belief that the rules are there to protect the participants as well as provide guidance and structure within the sport, so that equity is applied to all.

We encourage like minded people to consider membership with the Pioneer Archers.

Fully Digital Scoring

Though the use of today's technologies we aim to minimise the club's environmental footprint. In 2015 Pioneer Archers became the first WA Club to switch to a fully digital scoring system. The club uses android tablets and a combination of, Archery Score Sheets (App by Tristan Robertson) and the Archers Diary for all our club shoots.

Another first for Pioneer Archers.

All club members receive free AA Medals for perfects and classification when achieving the award for the first time at each distance and classification (See by laws).

When and Where

~ ~ ~ ~ Next Event 2019 American - 12 January 2019 ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ Please note that Archery WA have increased their membership fee for 2019 ~ ~ ~

Another great day at Pioneer Archers

Mission Statement

We provide an environment that supports the athlete in their endeavours, regardless of their skill, so that they will achieve their goals.

Vision Statement

To have our club membership become the most sought after in the archery fraternity of Western Australia

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Android based digital scoresheets

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