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Archery is a sport demanding a range of skills from a steady hand, strong shoulders, flexible muscles, a keen eye, and a cool disposition.

Most of us are familiar with the image of Robin Hood executing the 'impossible' by firing an arrow to split the shaft of one already in the target, archers call this a "Robin Hood". Whilst the equipment has improved in its technology, the sport remains essentially unchanged.

Pioneer Archers conduct lessons sessions for those wanting to have a go at the sport.The club has equipment which can be used for a maximum of 6 consecutive sessions. If after the six weeks you wish to take up the sport or continue with instuction, then participants are required to purchase their own equipment.

Archery Australia rules only permitted you to participate in lessons for a maximum period of 12 weeks, you must then become a member of a club.

Bookings are required for our courses;
We limit the number of participants on each course to ensure there is club equipment available and so as to ensure that you receive plenty of "one on one" assistance.

~ ~ ~ A bow is classified as a "Controlled Weapon" minimum age for lessons is 10 years old ~ ~ ~

Our Lesson Program (Saturday Morning Only)

This is a program that teaches you the basics of archery with emphasis on fun and safety. You will undergo an introduction to the 10 basic steps of archery then you will be on the line shooting a bow and arrow. Each session runs for 90-120 minutes and cost $16.00 per session, the program runs over six consecutive weeks. You can download Lesson booking application form from the menu on the left.

If you do not wish to commit to the six (6) consecutive weeks of the program, then we recommend you visit the Archery WA - Archery Park at the International Shooting Complex in Whiteman. You can attend the park on an adhoc basis (still required to book) and have a go to see whether this is the sport for you. If so, please don't hesitate to come back to us and book your place on one of our courses or consider membership with our club, we can also assist you in purchasing the right archery equipment to suit your needs.

Once you are a member and have your own equipment, you can continue to participate and recieve instruction at a reduced fee. For membership details see our membership form.


Some of our Come N Try already shooting 'All Golds' after three lessons

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Archery Lessons

The Archery Lessons Course that we offer requires a booking to be made as we only run a limited number during the year.
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: Have all your own gear?
If you already have your own archery gear, (subject to equipment inspection) you can join our courses at any time, please contact us for more information.
Sorry, NO CROSSBOWS or high poundage Hunting Compounds.

AA Rules limit compound bows to 60lbs